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ERIS (Extended Reality Infrastructure System) is the all-in-one software and hardware solution for VR arcades and VR station operators: you can now manage all processes in your shop using only one system, accessing it from your laptop, your tablet or your smartphone using either the local wifi network or our secure online-login via the internet! ERIS provides you a full set of features and functions, e.g. starting with the users' reservations on your website, their payments in your shop, running your content on your stations while monitoring it, communicating with users in-game by using messages and audio and finally automatically uploading their highscores to their protected user account on your website.

The idea for ERIS evolved from the demands placed by the Virtual Reality Center München on a managment system including both soft- and hardware to run the VR arcade. Particullar importance was attached to the automation of repeating tasks and simplification of daily processes in such a way as the operators' period of vocational adjustment can be shortened and the availability of the vr stations can be increased.


Remote management

With ERIS, you can start, stop and reboot multiple stations and monitor their current state including the connected VR-Devices in real time. The core component of ERIS is the application managment system which provides you the functionality to control any (VR-) application you want!

Additionaly you can communicate with users by talking to them (e.g. to provide support for vr content), enable station-to-station audio networking so users can talk to each other or send text message that are displayed in a special VR-Overlay.


Accessing your VR-Stations from anywhere is just that simple: use your secure ERIS-Login on the cloud-based backend or the access to your local ERIS Server and start managing everything at your arcade!

Want to give your users the possibility to choose their playlists and applications without your help? Then just enable our VR-Dashboard with one click in ERIS!

Using the free Web-SDK you can also integrate ERIS-Components like the reservation module, the user login or the 'upcoming applications' box easely into your own website with only three lines of code. By doing so also web-access to users' personal content (e.g. custom in-game videos, highscores etc.) can be granted.

User management

ERIS ships with a full user management software component including online reservations, a database storing personal highscores, in-game achivements and game settings, an secure video cloud to serve videos of/to your users and an access-system using RFID- or NFC-Cards.

Additionaly you get realtime statistics about spent time, credits and money per game and age-group, about new/returning users, sold products, favorite games & playlists and much more. Dayly, weekly, monthly and yearly reports can be customized and downloaded or automatically sent to you by email from ERIS.


To achive the best and fastest workflows at your VR arcade, a standalone POS-System is included in ERIS. This way, you can use ERIS not only to sell and automatically assign vr-credits (or similar) to users, but also to run your whole shop e.g. by selling gadgets or drinks and printing receipts! When using RFID- or NFC-Cards your users can get an easy access to their credits, paylists & highscores and pay cashless at your arcade.

As an add-on you can accept PayPal-Billings via our Web-SDK on your website to sell vouchers or receive payments for reservations in advance.

Your are already using a POS-System or RFID-/NFC-Cards? Contact us so we can help you integrating ERIS into your existing environment!

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With these hardware components you can extend your ERIS-Installation:

Local ERIS-Server
Acts as a network load balancer for better access to multiple VR stations and as hot backup system e.g. if your internet connection fails
Enables hardware control (starting, resetting etc.) for VR stations without WSMan interface
WIFI/LAN Card-& QR-Reader
Provides RFID-card or QR-code based login to your users when installed at a VR station
USB-Cardreader for POS
Use RFID-cards for users at your point of sale


You want to run your own Vitual Reality arcade but are afraid of the complexity of the whole project like the selection of the right equipment or the correct positioning of light houses (affecting the overall setup of your arcade)?

We can offer you help with our know-how in building and running a VR arcade and our extensive experience in Virtual Reality we gained in several years! Additionally we can customize both soft- and hardware to match your individual requirements and fit best into your VR arcade or interface with your existing installation.

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